The Lupaava: A Home Decor Store Beyond Compare

The Lupaava: A Home Decor Store Beyond Compare

en September 23, 2021

A Home is the starting place for love, hope and dreams.

It should have things that we love, that are authentic for us, and our house becomes our story, a symbol of self-expression, even if the home décor items are purchased online!

During the present digital era, and in lieu of the prevailing Covid times, buying home décor items online is a better option.

Redecorating our home inspires us to do everything that we have to do with a smile!

So, had renovated my house just before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and Diwali was round the corner.

Due to the Lock-Down, was not able to explore the home décor shops for buying the stuff I wanted for decorating my home. According to my choice.

Now, amidst Covid, buying home décor items online was the only option.

So, started searching the internet for sites from where I could get home décor ideas online, buy home décor accessories according to my choice, bring a change in the aura of its interiors, the garden, the entrance, and fore mostly befitting my budget.

While searching, came across this site of, the online home décor store.

The Lupaava online home décor store, in Delhi, India, is a store, making waves not only in India but in abroad too.


It has home décor items for all categories like-

  • Kitchen and Dining,
  • Décor
  • Gardens
  • Art Forms
  • Gifting

They have a wide range of Handmade Drinkware, Tableware, and Beautiful Handmade Paintings, to name a few.

Was amazed to see the variety of home décor items they had, ranging from Antiques and Traditional Handicrafts to the Modern Glass and Ceramic ones.

When I saw these items at a glance, they looked familiar to me, like the Glass Showpieces of Ganesha and the Artistic Cutlery.

Then I remembered that one of my friends had Gifted me these home décor accessories on Diwali a few years back. I had really loved these.

Finally decided to buy the home décor items online from the Lupaava online home décor store!

Being fond of modern home décor items with a traditional touch, the online Lupaava home décor shop was the right choice for me.

For the entrance, bought a big Polyresin idol of the Ganesha which was Eco-friendly and less prone to dust.

Then came the Living room for which I decided to buy the handmade, traditional, artistic, beautiful and elegant Madhubani painting of the Radha-Krishna, which has been one of my favourite for long. This was accompanied by a Dhokra handmade painting of Geometrical Art.

The Vases with fine artistic work greatly complimented with these paintings, giving a welcoming friendly aura.

Their handmade Crystal Glass Showpieces are a collection of home décor creativity. They are ideal for gifting purposes too. I bought some of these home décor items online to give as gifts to my loved ones in the house warming ceremony.

 Was so thrilled to have all these home décor accessories available online!

Lupaava, the online home décor store, has some exclusively and beautiful handmade glass showpieces online, ideal for putting up in bedrooms, and gifting purposes. I put a handmade showpiece of a couple in love in my bedroom along with a painting of Krishna on the bedroom wall. The Krishna painting has been one of my favourite for a long time.  Also put some Glass showpieces of Bird and Fish Couplings at the corner table of my bedroom. The bedsides were decorated with the beautiful and magnificent Lupaava lamps bought online. These helped in raising my spirits and having a relaxed mind at the end of the day.

Their handmade Tableware and artistic Cutlery were alluring for the Dining room. The Table Coasters, Table Mats, Table Accessories are   one of a kind in the field of online home décor. They have a different texture, splendid looks and were pleasing to the eye.

All’s well if dining is well!

I beautified the garden with their handmade and splendid Planters and Terracotta Pots. These are rarely found online. But, here in Lupaava there was a lot of choice. I could buy them online according to my choice, adding warmth and a happy aura to my garden.

The magnificently handcrafted kids-stuff was amazing. Had never seen so much variety for the kids’ room and their study room online. The Penholders and Wall-hangings were just marvellous. They had inspirational quotes on them, being a great source of inspiration for everyone! I put them in my children’s rooms and they loved them.

The lobby was decorated with a geometrical Dhokra painting on one wall and a LED TV on the opposite one. The corners were decorated with tall Lupaava vases which were artistic and colorful, found online on the Lupaava site.

The Kitchen is the place where families get together and all is well if the dining is good. Being self-employed and working from home, along with my family, my most of the day is spent in the kitchen catering to their needs at different times.

Purchased their awesome collection of fine artistic Crockery and handcrafted Drinkware online, a perfect blend of Serve Ware for family and friends. They are so fondly loved by my children that they love to flaunt with them and keep admiring them even if they are not hungry or thirsty.

They can be used for gifting purposes too on occasions such as marriage anniversaries, house warming parties, or even to newly married couples.

Thus, the list is too long to be mentioned here in just a few lines. To know more about their home décor items and artifacts, do visit their online store at

For some, especially for working couples, decorating their home may be a cumbersome task and may want to avoid it because they will have to search home décor shops in the markets first and then think of buying the home décor items according to their choice. This may be very time consuming and sometimes boring.

Here, buying home décor items and accessories online from the Lupaava home decor store can be of great help. They can buy them from there with joy and enthusiasm. Can have much choice too!

Now, when my family, friends and relatives have started visiting my newly renovated and decorated home, they complement me for my choice of the home décor items which I bought from the online home décor store, Lupaava. My happiness has no bounds.

The Art of Life Is to Live in The Present Moment!

The home décor store that is Revolutionizing the field of online home décor today is the ‘LUPAAVA’!

The Lupaava online home décor store has home décor items that   captivate you to redecorate your home in a way that it will stand out. Not only they help in providing the guests with a wonderful place to enjoy and talk, but also help in ensuring that they will want to come back!

To sum it all up,

The Lupaava Home Décor Store has a one-of-a-kind online home decor, gifting, and lifestyle items with must-have styles to delight your senses, spark memories!...

With the festivals of Navratri and Diwali round the corner, many people buy new homes or get their homes renovated. Bring a change in their décor or adorn your homes with online handcrafted home décor items from the Lupaava home décor store.

See and feel the difference!!