en September 30, 2021

Gifts are always welcome, may they be from family members, friends, relatives or even from your colleagues and bosses at the place of your work.

They give the impression that you are valued and are tokens of love and gratitude, an appreciation for your works.

A business is all about People and Relationships.

It involves interacting with a customer, employee, a prospective client or a partner.

Contributions of all these people are necessary for the growth of a business.

Corporate Gifts with Lupaava

Corporate gifting is a method adopted by a company to facilitate the services and achievements of the employees, the clients and the partners.

 It is a way of saying ‘Thankyou’ for being there!

Corporate gift-giving is proven to increase business activity hence, increasing the return on investment.

Corporate gifting has been prevalent for years, but has recently gained momentum as more and more companies now want to express their gratitude and appreciate the works of their employees for maintaining strong relationships with them and boosting their morale during this Covid pandemic.  

The gifts are given depending on the occasion and job title of the recipient. They may include Personalized Gifts, Electronics, Paid Holiday Packages, Spa Bookings, Gift cards, Personal Care Products, Home Decor, or Premium items of the Company/Business

It is better to give personalized gifts to attract clients and customers and to retain employees and partners, so that their individual contributions or achievements do not go unnoticed.

A Gift makes a person feel special and helps in keeping it so, for a long time. That is why knowing the recipient of the gift well is very important.

Thus, the relationship that is built is powerful.

In the corporate world particularly, a happy customer or a partner that is satisfied, can have an enormous impact on the business.


Why is Corporate Gifting Important?

  • People have a tendency to buy first from companies they’ve heard of and buy from a new company when they’ve developed trust in it over a due course of time. When delivered authentically, corporate gifts can help in accomplishing several motives.
  • Corporate Gifts also help in spreading the Brand Awareness of the company, thus resulting in more prospective clients for the company.

It has come to a common notice that, when a company organizes its first ever promotional presentation after commencement, it gives gifts to all the attendees of the presentation at the end.


It's because it is a token of appreciation and gratitude to the people present there, a way of telling them to visit again.

This slowly builds their trust in the newcomers present there and helps in making them their prospective clients.

  • When gifts are given to Strengthen and Appreciate Relationships, the motive behind giving them is different from that at the beginning. Now, they are given to appreciate the works and the achievements of the employees and partners, to thank them for working in the company or organization.
  • With the onset of remote work and social distancing during these Covid times, physical interactions have become more difficult. All Businesses have been impacted with it and some are struggling to stay afloat. Getting capital to run the business, or getting more employees to work has become difficult, as many employees would have lost their lives or were unable to communicate.

 For both ways, companies are still actively looking to form connections and gifts are a suitable way to start or continue a relationship. Gifts also give business growth incentives to the presently working employees. They assure them that the company is still there to help.

The Corporate Gifts, thus, give a boost to the morale of the employees and the connections concerned, during these Covid Times.

The Lupaava Home Décor Store has recently stepped into the Digital   World, trying to spread its wings remotely online across the world.

It has decided to give its premium home décor items as Corporate Gifts this festive season, to make new connections, new customers, new employees, new prospective clients and partners.

This will help in building new relationships, and building trust among its customers in the long run, thus growing its business far and near offline as well as online.

The Lupaava Store has modern decorative items perfect for homes and Corporate Gifts.

Some of the best Corporate Gift items we, at The Lupaava, have for the employees are:

  • Flower Vases, Planters, Pots.

Plants are always a nice giveaway for offices or homes. They create a sense of Positivity in the environment.

Lupaava has some beautiful, splendid and artistic collections of handmade ceramic vases, pots and planters that can be used for office as well as personalized gifting.

  • Personalized Gifts

Lupaava is a great destination for Personalized Gifts.

Lupaava has gifts that can be given personally to employees 0n festivals and occasions. They include

  1. Idols of God:

They have a variety of God’s Idols that can be used as Personalized Gifts such as the Glass, Ceramic, and Polyresin showpieces of the Ganesha, Goddess Durga, Hanuman, the Ram Family, Goddess Lakshmi, pairs of Lakshmi-Ganesh, ideal for gifting during the festive season and Diwali.

  1. Drinkware:

Lupaava has some amazing, decorative and creative collections of Crystal Glass, Ceramic Tumblers, Cups and Mugs, ideal for daily use, parties and gifting purposes.

  1. Paintings:

We, at Lupaava, have an awesome collection of Madhubani,          Pattachitra and Dhokra paintings to be put up on the walls of homes or offices, some really great pieces of art and beauty to give the employees.

  1. Kitchenware & Dining:

Lupaava has some alluring kitchenware and Dining items for gifting like the handmade decorated Plates, Ceramic bowls and Pickle containers and Cutlery.

Lupaava has an awesome collection of Portable Tiffin for the

employees and their families.

 For Cocktail Parties, there are awesome handcrafted Wine Bottle and Glass Holders too!

We have handmade attractive Serving Wooden Trays and Bowls, ideal for Corporate Gifting.

  1. Tableware:

They include handmade Tablemats, Coasters, Napkin Holders, Salt and Pepper Shakers, Cutlery Holders and Toothpick Holders.

  1. Desk items:

We have some fancy desktop items like Pen-holders, Sculpture of an Elephant and Cups with beautiful inspiring quotes.

They are good artifacts for Offices also, creating a Positive and Inspirational atmosphere for the employees, especially during these Covid times.

  1. Decor and Accessories:

Lupaava has exquisitely handcrafted Showpieces made of Crystal Glass, Ceramic and Polyresin; Wall decor, Wall Hangings, Key Holders, Figurines, to name a few.

Corporate Gifting has become an important step for boosting up the morale of company employees and giving them business growth incentive.

The Lupaava is all set to make its Corporate Gifting venture a grand success in the near future with the addition of its more magnificent, splendid and artistic items.

Give them a try and then there will be no looking back.

A Ripple Can Cause a Wave!

Corporate Gifting is a Way to an Employee’s Heart!!