on October 27, 2021

Holidays and festive seasons are great for businesses. At these special times of the year, consumers get into the buying spirits and look forward to sales and promotions.

DIWALI is a time for customers to refresh and renew themselves, as well as a boon for sellers. 

This light festival is usually the busiest shopping season, with billions of dollars spent.

  This is because most consumers wait till Diwali to shop in order to avail themselves of the unbelievable Discounted prices and Diwali offers which only come once a year.

With preparations for Diwali in full swing, a helping hand for the upcoming festivities is always welcome.

All sorts of products — home decor, clothes, electronics, gifts, food storage, — are in demand during Diwali.                

Without attractive showpieces and idol figures, home décor is incomplete.

However, to enhance the appearance of your home’s interior, you must invest in quality pieces of décor. Having beautiful showpieces and statues of idols also fills your home space with positivity and radiance. The décor has a positive effect on the subconscious mind, thus filling you up with positive vibes.

During the celebration of Diwali, people buy numerous home décor showpieces, idols and figurines. The Idols of God are used for the Puja too.

They also sometimes buy new kitchenware, tableware, gardenware, and btatues of idols bedroom and Livingroom artifacts for their home décor.

Diyas and Candles are exceptions during Diwali.               

Statues of Idols and other showpieces are common in India, so it's not strange that someone might already have lovely collections of them. In reality, a significant amount of money is spent on adorning religious places in homes. But our culture is currently being modernized, and we are attempting to adorn our living spaces such that they contribute to the overall décor of our home rather than heaping on showpieces and idols.


The collections of home décor items at the Lupaava are perfect for you if you are looking for affordable yet beautiful showpieces to add to your home décor collection this Diwali.

Beginning with the Idols, Lupaava has the exclusive and decorative collection of the Lord Ganesha, Goddess Laxmi, Pairs of both Ganesha and Laxmi, Radha and Krishna, all handmade and made of either Glass or Polyresin, decorated and colourfully painted to perfection.

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Figurines have always had a religious or ceremonial significance for years gone by and have been used in many types of rituals regarding Figurines, there is nothing more Royal than to bring in your homes the Statue of the exquisite and attractive Polyresin White Elephant. It brings an aura of Power and Positivity with it.

It is a gift you can give for newly married couples celebrating their first Diwali or for people who have shifted to their new homes just before the Festival of Lights.

Then there are the Alluring handcrafted Glass and Resin Owl figurines reminding us to be wise while living our lives.

The Pair of Swans bring in happiness and hope. Available in Glass and Polyresin.

The Reindeers bring you the feeling that you are Safe and Secure during your Life’s journey and that Life Continues....

They can also be bought either in Glass or Polyresin.

The Horses have always been a symbol of friendship, love and care. They denote freedom and the power to heal.

Thus, like we evolve, these figurines help to evolve our homes.

Besides these figurines, there are many other magnificent handcrafted figurines available at the Online Lupaava Home Décor Store.

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 Diwali is a five-day festival, the first being the Dhanteras. On Dhanteras, people buy a new kitchenware item for their homes, whether it may be cutlery, utensils or food storage items.

Lupaava has some of the exquisite handcrafted kitchenware like ceramic stoneware decorative plates, ceramic and artistic salt and pepper sets, salt and pepper shaker sets, wooden hand painted trays, mugs, cups, glasses and food storage boxes. There are also the Ceramic Soup Server Bowls, the Server Bowls Set, the Wooden Masala Box, the Wooden handcrafted Pizza Plate, the Mawa Serving Compartment Tray.

 The tableware collection like tablemats, etc. are one of a kind. They are also one of the essential buys on Dhanteras.

Give them a thought to buy!

The Gardenware and the Artifacts in Lupaava are not to be missed out during the festival of Diwali.

 Pots, Planters and Vases contained with beautiful and colourful Flowering Plants, Flower Bouquets give a breath-taking fragrance, improve moods and ward off the stress.

They also mark new beginnings and prosperity in Life.

The handmade and hand painted pots, planters, flower vases, the Pattachitra paintings, penholders, mugs, the Madhu Bani Radha and Krishna paintings, the Dhokra artworks are all exclusive art pieces. You’ll surely be tempted to buy them for your home décor.

There are also some pretty and attractive Wall Hangings and Art pieces for the Bedrooms, Kitchens, Dining Room, the Living Room and the Kids Room. The kids would just love them.

Diwali is a Festival of Lights. Without Diyas and Candles, the festival is incomplete. They are the main base and requisite of the Diwali Festival.

 The more diyas you light around your home, the brighter your home is bound to look. Grab some decorative and embellished ones from the Lupaava Online Diwali Home Décor Collection Store.

Lupaava has an awesome and beautiful collection of Diyas and Candles for you at affordable prices.

The Lakshmi-Ganesh Diyas, the Pair of Laxmi Foot clay Diyas, the Elephant Diyas, the metal handmade Radha-Krishna Peacock Diya, the decorated hand painted Clay and Terracotta Diyas, the decorative intricately designed hand painted Glass Bottle Lights, hand painted Glass Scented Candle Holders, the hand painted Tea Light Glass Candle Holders with intricate designs, are some of them. Then there are the handmade Diwali Candle Diyas too.

Hang up some trinkets on your door for decorating on Diwali.

 You can buy from the collection of adorable and colourful handmade Terracotta or Clay Shubh Labh Wall Plate Hangings to decorate the walls of your home entrances, or Puja rooms. There are Tea Light Candle Holders for the walls too. These trinkets give a welcoming look for your guests and the Goddess Laxmi with colour and happiness.

The Puja Room, which is the main centre of activity during Diwali needs to be the best decorated. The Pedestal can be decorated with the Antique Brass Idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi, and the Antique Brass Finish Lamps can be put around the Pedestal. Procure them from the marvellous Lupaava Home Décor collection.

Thus, the list is too long to be mentioned here. Visit their website to have a detailed view.

Diwali is a Festival of Lights, Success, Happiness and Joy.

 May you have all of them, with the Lupaava!

The Lupaava home Décor Company Wishes you all a Very